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Nikolas Onoufriadis
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Nikolas Onoufriadis, a distinguished business executive with two decades of experience in management, operations, and consulting, is a dynamic entrepreneur and strategic player in the global business arena. With a remarkable professional journey spanning 15 countries and multiple industries, Nikolas Onoufriadis has garnered a versatile global understanding of business culture and cross-cultural statesmanship, carving out a track record in achieving company growth, market penetration, and international government relations.

Nikolas Onoufriadis’s strength lies in his exceptional ability to strategize, connect the dots, and provide solutions to complex problems. Combining his experience managing corporate environments with running self-owned companies, he has become an expert in revolutionizing business operations and driving growth through strategic planning.

Throughout his career, Nikolas Onoufriadis has excelled in devising strategic business development plans, redesigning business structures, and surpassing set targets. His proficiency extends across diverse industries, including Technology/IT, Health, Energy, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Lifestyle, and Construction. In addition, Nikolas Onoufriadis possesses comprehensive knowledge of global business culture, intercultural diplomacy, and critical elements in government relations, public affairs, and corporate communications.

A leader with a versatile and adaptive style, Nikolas Onoufriadis has effectively managed, built, and collaborated with diverse teams, ranging from C-level senior management to part-time seasonal employees. His commitment to continuous improvement is evident in his constant honing of communication skills and expertise in navigating relationships with people of various backgrounds and life paths.

Professional Life

Nikolas Onoufriadis’s professional journey extends beyond the business landscape. While pursuing two master’s degrees, he contributed to the executive education division at Harvard’s distinguished Kennedy School of Government. As a program coordinator and associate to the Director of the Middle East Initiative, Nikolas Onoufriadis organized executive education programs, addressed sociopolitical issues, and earned recognition for his “Hard Work and Contribution.”

Following his tenure at Harvard, Nikolas Onoufriadis took on a unique role as a Mental Health Counselor and Consultant at the Institute for Mental Health in Athens, Greece. Here, he appeared on national television and radio, discussing psychological and sociological issues, consulting on market improvement strategies, and co-authoring several international publications. Despite transitioning to business, Nikolas Onoufriadis focused on communication practices and relationship strategies.

Joining the globally renowned INTRACOM Group of Companies, Nikolas Onoufriadis contributed to the success, growth, and strategic development of various subsidiaries, including INTRALOT, INTRASOFT, and INTRAKAT. At INTRASOFT, where he held executive management positions, he managed American operations and facilitated the company’s expansion in the United States.

In 2015, Nikolas Onoufriadis founded Power2U Consulting, a management and business consulting firm. Applying over 15 years of executive management experience, he is an international business strategist, bridging the gap between the United States and Europe. Nikolas Onoufriadis represents companies on both sides of the Atlantic, liaises with government officials, and organizes targeted events and fundraisers.


Nikolas Onoufriadis’s academic journey includes studying at the University of Massachusetts, Harvard, and Suffolk University. With two Bachelors in Political Science and Psychology and two Masters in Political Science and Management, he focused on Public Affairs, Liaison Strategies, and International Relations. His exposure to various programs at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government laid the foundation for his diverse skill set.

During his academic journey, Nikolas Onoufriadis also contributed to the Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign, where he honed coordination, communication, and diplomacy skills as the assistant to the campaign’s Strategic Advisor in NH.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Nikolas Onoufriadis is an avid traveler, spending a significant portion of the year on the road. A Boston resident, he has mentored students at various schools and universities, including MIT, Suffolk, and BU venture accelerator programs. Actively engaged in philanthropy and charity, Nikolas Onoufriadis leverages his expertise in communication practices to help individuals build meaningful relationships and pursue their dreams.



Nikolas Onoufriadis

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