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Nikolas Onoufriadis
2 min readOct 3, 2022

Everyone wants to be in a leadership position in their company. However, it can be overwhelming and intimidating at first. Like with any other job position, people have to try a few things before finally getting the hang of their leadership position. Some of the lessons that could help leaders feel more comfortable and capable in their positions include:

Leaders are supposed to help people grow

Most of the employees in organizations look up to leaders to help them grow by mentoring them or constructive criticism. That makes them feel more appreciated, which results in more employee satisfaction and productivity.

Successful leaders can adapt to any situation

Flexing and adapting to any situation in the organization is one of the main things successful leaders must learn. That makes it easier for them to identify an issue, know what they need to do, and make the necessary changes to make the required changes.

Leadership is about other people in the organization

Leadership is not only about the leader but the people they lead. When measuring leaders’ successes, people mainly don’t focus on what the leader did but on what the employees achieved under their leadership. The more leaders focus on their employees’ development and help them reach their full potential, the more success they gain.

Be self-aware

While leadership is about helping other people in the organization grow, leaders first have to know themselves. That means being aware of how they show up and what they convey energetically, emotionally, and intellectually. Employees mostly follow what their leaders do, so leaders should be what they want their employees to be.

Leaders aren’t always the smartest ones in the organization

While knowledge and skill are the key reasons people get leadership positions, leaders are not always the smartest. Therefore, leaders should always listen to their juniors’ ideas and ask for help when needed.

Great leaders are transparent

Everyone makes mistakes, but what distinguishes a great leader is the ability to admit their wrongs and apologies. This helps create a stronger relationship with the employees and reduces their stress of trying to be perfect.

Leaders should listen to their employees

Apart from their ideas, leaders should listen to and resect feedback from front-line employees. Usually, these employees are the ones who know the issues the organization is facing because they are the ones who interact with customers. Therefore, they should be given equal chances to speak their mind and get the same respect as top employees.

Great leaders should treat the employees how they want to be treated before getting the leadership position. They should not take that as an opportunity to impose their will and view themselves above everyone.

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